Business Tax Preparation & Planning

We specialize in the taxation of small businesses, including partnerships, LLC's, S-Corporations and C-Corporations. We also provide services to not-for-profit organizations, estates, trusts and individuals.

Effective tax planning strategies can significantly benefit you financially.
Business Tax Preparation
Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation

Our partners and staff bring years of experience and training to our tax preparation and planning effort. We are well versed in all aspects of federal taxation as well as state and local taxation in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We also have resources available in all fifty states and Canada. It is important to note that each time the courts meet there is the potential for a change in the tax law. We make it our business to stay on top of these changes so that we can provide tax advice of the highest quality. We also have extensive experience representing taxpayers before the IRS, the Mass DOR and other state taxing authorities.

 tax advisors will ensure that you are making the right tax preparation decisions for you, your family, or your business. Our approach for tax planning involves more than just a review of your previous year taxes. We work with you to set strategic business or personal goals, advise you about the various tax implications you currently have or may anticipate having based on your type of business, then create proactive tax plans to meet those goals.

Business Tax Planning

We leverage opportunities and tax incentives within complex tax regulations to manage your business’s tax exposure and secure your future. Our staff and partners are committed to helping our clients realize savings through efficient tax compliance and effective tax planning. We can provide you and your business with help in all areas of state and local taxation. Strategic tax planning offers a proactive approach for profitable businesses and owners. Thorough and compliant tax reduction planning can preemptively increase business tax efficiency.

Business Tax Preparation

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Cynthia Brandt focuses on the tax and financial issues facing small businesses and individuals. She recognizes the important role of the accountant, and strives to be there every step of the way for her clients.

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