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Business Tax Preparation and Planning
We specialize in the taxation of small businesses, including partnerships, LLC's, S-Corporations and C-Corporations. We also provide services to not-for-profit organizations, estates, trusts and individuals.

Our partners and staff bring years of experience and training to our tax preparation and planning effort. We are well versed in all aspects of federal taxation as well as state and local taxation in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We also have resources available in all fifty states and Canada. It is important to note that each time the courts meet there is the potential for a change in the tax law. We make it our business to stay on top of these changes so that we can provide tax advice of the highest quality. We also have extensive experience representing taxpayers before the IRS, the Mass DOR and other state taxing authorities.

Retirement and Succession Planning
Planning for retirement cannot begin too soon. Qualified retirement plans can provide significant tax advantages for small businesses while providing for the retirement needs of the owners and employees. By periodically reviewing the financial plans of our clients we can help them ensure that they will enjoy financial independence in their retirement years. And... When our clients are ready to step away from the day to day operations of their business, we can assist them with the complex issues of business continuation. Whether it is the sale of the business or the training and development of the next generation, we can assist in developing a strategy that will work.

Non-Audit Financial Services
Many companies do not require an audit but need reliable financial statements to present to banks, investors and other third parties. We can provide reviewed financial statements for this purpose. When we perform a review, we make inquiries of management and perform analytical procedures. This enables us to provide limited assurance about the financial statements. In situations where a review is not needed we also provide compiled financial statements for management use.

Outsource Accounting Solutions
Mid-size companies often have accounting and bookkeeping personnel for posting day to day activity but do not have a controller. In these situations, we provide monthly controllership services where we review the financial information, make adjustments as needed, and provide management with an analysis of their business from a financial perspective. In smaller businesses we are able to assist in the preparation of their accounting data as well as payroll and sales tax returns. We can then prepare monthly financial statements for management use. Timely and well organized financial records enable management to assess their financial position and run their operations more efficiently.

Business Valuation
There are many situations where it is important to know the value of your business. The one most often thought of is the purchase or sale of a business. Other situations include divorce, preparation of a buy-sell agreement, death of an owner, and attraction of a potential investor. Our team of experts can provide you with an objective analysis of the value of your business.

Litigation Support
We are often called upon to assist attorneys in pending or existing litigation involving economic damages, divorce and other disputes. Members of our professional staff are experienced in providing expert testimony for defendants as well as plaintiffs.

Management Advisory Services
Our best client is a successful client and we guage our own value by their success. We offer a vast array of advisory services that assist our clients in solving problems, growing and prospering. Whether it is assisting with financing, recommending business strategies, or just acting as a sounding board for management, we can help your company meet it's long term goals and objectives.

Human Resource and Benefits Consulting
Through our affiliation with Merik Associates we can provide quality service and expertise in the human resource and benefits consulting area as well.
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