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Grand Opening of our Haverhill Office
City officials and Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce members welcome business partners CA Brandt & Associates and Robert Wilson & Co. to Bradford. Pictured, left to right, Robert Wilson, principal, Robert Wilson & Co., City Council President Michael Hart, Cynthia Brandt, principal, CA Brandt & Associates; Haverhill School Committeeman Joe Bevilacqua, Jag Chani, principal, CA Brandt & Associates; and Chamber President Sally Cerasuolo-O’Rourke.
American Way Magazine - A Brand New You
Why settle for the run-of-the-mill version of you when a little personal branding can make you (practically) a household name? There are legions of accountants in the world, but only Cindy Brandt packages her skills with numbers alongside as aspirin. Actually, those are little mints inside the samll aspirin bottles marked "certified tax relief" that she hands out to would be clients. But her message comes through loud and clear. "I really ease people's pain" ...Read More ...
The Entrepreneur's Toolkit
Every business starts with the best of intentions and a great deal of enthusiasm. Oftentimes, however, key strategies for success are overlooked. If left unaddressed, they can be a formula for disaster. Successful entrepreneurs take into consideration most, if not all, of the following steps toward strenghening their business. Read More ...
December, 2007
As is the case year after year, favorable changes to the tax laws over this past year are also accompanied by unfavorable modifications. Add to this reality the unusual number of tax incentives that are scheduled to expire at the end of this year and the need for year-end tax planning becomes even more urgent for many taxpayers as we head toward the end of 2007. Once you are filling out your 2007 return next year, it will be too late to change the result.  Read More ...



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